Training Delivery

Learngage offers training solutions in all shapes and sizes. Be it online, class-room or blended, we deliver standard, off the shelf programs or develop a customized solution specifically for your organization.

With over 50+competency based engagement workshops from front-line sales to leadership interventions, we have covered 15,000 learners+ till date pan-india and globally for over 80 organisations, from start-ups to MNC’s.


Business Communication and Email Etiquette

For professionals whose role involves extensive day-to-day interactions, our workshops in Business Communication and Email Etiquette are designed to address the communication needs of the respective roles.

Managerial and Leadership Engagement

Meant for First-Time Managers, Emerging leaders, Mid to Senior Level business leaders - Our 'Learn and Lead' engagement workshop spread over 3 to 6 months are a combination of on-the-job learning, mentoring and blended interventions. Download Brochure

Sales and Key Account Management

Whether it’s a product or a service specific role, we offer workshops across sales managers, executives and key account managers in order to help them further their competencies through consultative and customer centric approaches. Download Brochure

HR Leadership

Addressing the need of HR professionals to adapt to an evolving working environment, we have customized certification-based engagement programs in Talent Acquisition, Competency and Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Leadership that specifically cater to meeting departmental and organisational objectives. Download Brochure

Interviewing Skills Training for Managers

This interactive interviewing skills training helps managers and supervisors develop proven behavior based interviewing skills and interviewing techniques to find the best candidate every time. Download Brochure

Job interview Training

Our blended program gives aspiring students and freshers detailed strategies for handling tough competency-based, or behavioral, interviews so that you can effectively communicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you have and that employers demand. Download Brochure

Performance Appraisal Training

Performance appraisal training for managers typically cover what to say when conducting a performance review. Through role-playing exercises and best practices, managers learn to use clear communication, managing feedback and conveys goals that need adjustment to changing strategic objectives. Download Brochure

Hi Impact Presentation Skills

Whether someone is persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, our presentation training courses offer proven methods for ensuring success with each and every presentation. Download Brochure

F&B and Hospitality

Bringing out the best in your employees and developing their skills and behavior - our captivating modules for your front-office, service, kitchen and operations staff have a notable impact on your customer experiences. Download Brochure

Women Workforce Development

Training for gender equality and women’s empowerment is an essential component to create inclusive societies for our clients. Be it needs assessment, class-room interventions or 1:1 mentoring, our blended programs offer a transformative process to advance learning and leadership at all levels. Download Brochure

Team Building

Our outbound training workshops are high energy offsite training programs for boosting individual and team performance through experiential learning and leadership. We also include adventure activities, guided walks, cycling tours and theater workshops through our partners.  Download Brochure

Hi Potential Development

Training usually isn't cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to developing high-potentials. To maximize their performance we offer an enriching blend of assessments, class-room training and mentoring that eventually brings your organization to the next level. Download Brochure

Nutrition and Workplace Wellness

Being in good physical and mental shape also sets a person up to be great at their job. Our clients understand this and we offer their employees a series of activities and engagements that promote health and well-being. Download Brochure