While our learning events cover a wide range of topics, our core principle of ‘transforming behavioural change’ continues to be our vision for every learner


Thank you for attending our webinar on Friday, July 20th 2018 at 10:00 AM.

Although organizations commonly invest in development programs, most of them seldom have accurate or meaningful insight into the effectiveness and value of their development programs, aligned to organizational needs and priorities.

Dr.Cabot Jaffee, CEO of AlignMark Inc and Board Advisor at Learngage and Pavan Sriram, CEO of Learngage reviewed best practices in leadership engagement that is fundamental at all levels in organizations, specific attributes and behaviours of these leaders and how organisations can enable them to simultaneously drive for results and practice objective measurement.

Here is our complimentary white-paper that includes a compilation of twenty-one (21) core leadership competencies and six (6) fundamental competencies within the leadership level, associated interventions and their measurement.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Definition of five classes of leadership development interventions and learning activities specific to each
  • Leadership Engagement Matrix with a quick reference guide of recommended developmental activities for each competency
  • Best Practices in measuring the effectiveness of next leadership development program
  • Brief conclusions in the form of recommendations to make leadership development more engaging

Learning and Business leaders can use this in day-to-day operations and leadership engagement interventions and discussions with current and aspiring learners.