Engagement Platform

From Campus Onboards to Leaders, our cloud-based web and mobile learning application post training provides learners a continuous learning mechanism to both measure and improve their transfer of learning on-the-job.

Our Engagement Managers further complement this with a proprietary process of calls, texts, supervisor goal-sheets, action plans, reminders, outcome videos, forums and work closely with learners to achieve business outcomes



Engage. Ensure higher participation. Don’t waste time sending out repetitive emails to your learners and trainers! Use our automated communications triggers with templates setup that support both Emails and SMS.

Content Dripping

Drip any form of curated learning content over a period of time to make learning self-paced. Allow learners to continuously learn and review their training sessions on demand, as many times as they like, ideal for revision aids, quizzes, forums, group exercises, business templates, action planning forms and more.

Social Collaboration

Allow Learners and Trainers to access each other post training, real-time. Build collaborative learning communities, mentor them on the job and increase participation across courses.

Gamified Learning

Offer learners gamified learning experience across mobile devices Android or iOS – anytime, anywhere learning on the go with your personal organisational brand identity.

AWS Hosting

Host your learning program content on your privately secured cloud. As simple as a learning Dropbox, our learning repository helps you file and find your important training documents for easy access.