Learning Advisory & Consulting

Learngage’s Consulting & Advisory Services practice is primarily focused on bringing value-add to our customers.

Our staff has created and implemented numerous customized solutions to help organisations to align learning and development goals with organizational goals.

Culture and Change Management

Regardless of your organizations operating imperative or size, we leverage internal dialogue, collaboration, and empirically validated culture assessments to work with in the longer-term.

Performance Management

We assist you with the total performance management process, from the development of the evaluation form(s) to design and implementation of a performance management policy, to the training of your supervisors and managers on the development of performance standards and measurements.

Succession Planning

Whether you struggling to assess candidates effectively or don’t have a clear idea of what is needed from their leadership positions – you can rely on us for a tailored approach to proven, measurable strategies for identifying high-potential candidates with solutions that can be quickly implemented.

Learning Academy Solutionizing

This involves custom defining, scoping and building transformational academies for our clients. This may include process design, digital and classroom content, governance and operating model review, programme evaluation and vendor management.

Learning branding and communication

Learngage’s marketing consultants understand what it takes to achieve maximum employee participation. To institutionalise a learning culture and promote learning as a brand, we can help you build a wide range of program collaterals, online and offline campaigns.